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DataPark DataPark has installed in excess of 2500 installations in the U.S. DataPark currently has sales and distributors located in major U.S. markets including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Miami, Boston, Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles. Outside the U.S., distributors can be found in Canada, Central America, Hong Kong, Europe, Korea and Australia. .(more)

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Hardware is Secondary, Software is Primary

Parking Today

"The future is software development. But it's very expensive; most companies have difficulties sustaining it."

When Steve Haralambiew, Datapark founder and CEO, talks about the parking industry and its relationship with revenue control suppliers, he gets specific.

"Our customers are our developers. They tell us what needs to be done. They want what they need, not what companies happen to sell. Hardware is secondary, its software that is primary," he says.